Up Lone Peak (11.166ft)

Another wild US adventure…

After being injured for 2,5 month from sh… flat road running it was much more exciting to head out to the US for the Skyrunning Ultra Final “The Rut” in Montana. But as I still didn’t want to risk my tendonitis to come back I decided just to “run the race” and not to “race”. It was a shame as it is a brilliant course (fast running parts, steep rocky climbs, technical ridges, high altidute) but finishing with Emelie was nice as well!

IMG_2329(c)JordiSaragossa_SA_1712 copia

But the actual big adevture was up to come with the Absaroka-Beartooth-cross: 3 days running in the most wild I have seen before. Litteraly nothing than high mopuntains, a small single-tracks, beartraces, stunning lakes, the colour of autumn, beautiful landscape! After each day we camped right in front of the next trailhead in the tents, lighted a campfire, had a couple of recovery beers and burgers for dinner 🙂 What a memorable trip, thanks Anna, Greg, Tom, Martin, Rickey and Bryon!


Photo 16-09-2014 13 51 58IMG_4653





Funny map of our trip 🙂