… for the jungle adventure!

Costa Rica

I can’t believe that in exactly two weeks I will be running the 2nd stage of the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica.
I am sure that this will be a very big adevture – running 6 stages in the rainforest, crossing rivers, dry up from the equatorial sun and sweat in the humidity. It’s a total distance of 225km and about 10.000 altimeters to climb  (= 37,5km and 1650m+ per day).
I think for me it will become more a personal challenge than really a race because of the totally new and different conditions – but that’s the adventure!


Getting nervous

> How will my body react to the totally different climate as I have only one day to adapt? Luckily the winter this year here in Bavaria is warm and almost no snow…

> How is the running in the rainforest? Do you more easily get blisters and damaged feet? Unfortunately the mandatory equipment does not include a machete 😉


Sweet home – new 6-days house for CR

> Can I get a heart attack seeing a snake? [Pssst, I am so afraid of snakes. Brrrr]

> How is it sleeping 6 days in a row in my little tent in the middle of the jungle?

> Can a equatorial rainshower be that heavy and flood my luggage?

>…[so many more funny and serious questions left]


New experience(s)


Natural swinning pool to jump in after a hard stage 🙂

So I am very excited and I am sure that this will be a totally new experience for me! Unfortunately it will be difficult to make you follow me during the race as internet access is limited but Ian Corless will cover the race and his is going to do a brilliant job. See here:

and also on the
official Facebook page.

I will try to inform, make you nosy (and jealous) as much as possible taking my new camera with me 🙂



Startnummer Costal Challenge

Race bib is already printed…