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Finish Latsch

Finally finished in Latsch!

Now it is made, 8th and last stage of the Transalpine Run 2013 is done! After having lived the last eight days in our own little word with always the same habits (breakfast, start, running through the days stage, arriving at the finish, eating, searching for the hotel, eating, massage, stretching, going to the ceremony/pasta party, sleeping) and being all the time together with our friends from the two other Salomon Teams, it will be hard to go back to everyday life, I guess!


Shall I really obey the Suunto recovery time? 721h = 30days!

Today’s course was again very challenging as with the “Madritschjoch ” (3123m) we reached the highest point of the race and you could really feel the thin air. The longest downhill ever (3106m-) took us over 32km with a lot of small very hurting uphill parts (ouch!) down to the real finish in Latsch. Tofol proofed again his fitness by running ALL of the first 1.200m+ climb – crazy this guy! Now I am very happy about our 3rd position overall as this was certainly one of my hardest races so far!

Now for the last time: Here my move of the day and the official results.

CONGRATULATIONS to all FINISHERS! See you at the ceremony in the evening!


On the Madritschjoch with “Ortler” and “Königsspitze”