Rocket Tofol launched today!

This stage is said to be a “rest day” and it is very different to the habits we got used to in the last 4 day. But  as I compare it with time trial in the Tour the France it’s salso very tough, especially as the first team in the general ranking starts at last in the middle of the day – I have never seen a guy sweating that much as Dimitris (it looked he had jumped into a river with all his clothes!) Thanks to all the runners on the race course whe cheered for us – what a great and energetic atmosphere 🙂


The running camera: Gripmaster

Today Tofol proofed that he is SUPERFIT and won the whole uhpill in just 40:56 min – he was flying up the 6,5km and 950m+ like a rocket, passing the team in front, which has started 20sec before us, after 300m! Incredibile and this is the only reason why we became 2rd today and could beat Dimitis and Cameron for the first time! Our Girls Team with Oihana and Silvia won again (as always in the last ays ;-))Hopefully we don’t have to pay that back on our way to Italy tomorrow…

Find here my move and the complete results of the day.


Scuol “downtown”