Meeting Gripmaster on the trails – one of the highlights today

Still running in Switzerland from Sanmaun to Scuol we had to beat the 37km spiced with about 2.000m uphill and 2.600m downhill. On the last descent we had the change to see tomorrows vertical race track as it will be exactly the same way we came down. Unfortunately Tofol had to wait again today for me quite often – sorry for that but it seems that yesterday was just an (very good) exception )-: Now fell back on 3rd Position in the general ranking behind our friends Dimitirs and Cameron and the young Spanish team.


In the middle of the mountains for the next two nights

Searching for the hotel in Scuol we got very surprised when the navigation system routed us directly up in the mountains on a dirt road (15km away from the finish) and NOT in the village. It’s quite a nice and lonely place (dead end of the road) but only the traditional music, played live, makes it hard to get some rest…

Tomorrow it’s “just” a vertical rac uphill, comperable to the time Trial of the Tour the France. In 6,5km we have to climb a Little bit less than 1.000m. Rest day??!!?

Here you can find my move and the complete results of the day.


Like a mountain refuge – Crusch Alba