Welcome to St. Anton!

On the minute at the start it begun to rain and this was hopefully the stage with the worst weather. After a “vertical km” running together to the  “Rüfikopf” (2339m), Dimitris, Cameron and we both got really surprised how fast the young Spanish team could run down the very wet and slippery trail that super fast! Maybe we find a way to get this secret 😉


It’s not all about running! Thanks Naila for the good preparatin 🙂

Today it was unfortunately the same for me than yesterday having no real problems with the stomach but just NO POWER in the legs. It feels as the energy does not arrive in my machines and sticks in my stomach. Very strange! Always suffering is not very good for the motivation especially as I would have loved this stage in better shape – steep uphills in alpine terrain, almost no flat parts and the highest point with 2543m (Valvagehrjoch). In the end we could reach 3rd position…

Here are the full results and my move of stage 2.

Good night, tomorrow we start at 7:00!