Logo_NEUThe day before a race is always very exciting especially when you look forward to cross the Alps in the next 8 days from north to south and you are preparing this for a long time. This years it’s almost 260km and 16.000 altimeters to go which means an average of 32,5km and 2.000Hm every stage! Will we be able to survive without any big injury or another problem? Was it enough training, am I fit enough? Really EXCITING!


Today I decided to make it more easy to follow our adventure by writing a small report every stage. I promise that I will try hard not to be too exhausted or lazy to do it 🙂

You can also follow the race on the official Homepage here. So stay updated!

My Spanish teammate Tofol and me now have to go to bed to be ready for tomorrow…


Will we be able to repeat last years victory? We will see…
(c) Lars Schneider-Kelvin Trautman-Klaus Fengler